Ruins, Caves, and Sites

Rune Keep

Location: D3, Approx. 50 miles south of Dunharrow, multiple levels and buildings.
Formerly haunted, the ruins of this old keep lying deep inside Lone Woods have recently begun attracting “tourists.” Enterprising merchant’s and mercenaries have begun charging a modest fee to guide inquisitive traveler’s to the site to search for treasure and a taste of adventure, much to the displeasure of the populace of Dunharrow.

Maker’s Tower

Location: D3, Approx. 10 miles north of Dunharrow, four levels including basement.
Long abandoned and overgrown, this tower was until recently the home of a Grey Render which roamed the surrounding countryside. The former master’s moldy bones were found in the basement.


Location: D4, Approx. 10 miles west of Shroud, 100ft. clearing surrounded by nine giant ironwood trees.
Now restored to it’s full beauty and watched over by Pip the druid, this ancient grove’s magic has revitalized the flora and fauna in the Shroud Valley and even attracted some creatures with magical senses from the nearby Wyrdwood.

Taarth Moorda (School of the Nine Winds)

Location: D4, Approx. 12 miles southwest of Shroud, multiple levels and buildings.
An ancient keep that had long been a school of isolationist monks, it is now home of many of the survivors of the hobgoblin attacks on the Shroud Valley. In ancient times, it was a college of war-magic. Lord Wayan, an outlander who aided the village during the crisis, rules over the keep with the aid of Captain Collin, former village constable. There are about 100 non-combatants and 40 War3. The old banners found inside a dusty basement storeroom, a phoenix on a field of red, flies on the battlements.

Temple of the Serpent God

Location: B4, Approx. 50 miles west of Haddon Mirk, multiple submerged buildings surrounding a ziggurat.
A holy site for the lizardfolk who live within the Mirk, it was recently looted by a band of adventurers; they slew the temple’s guardian, a 10-headed hydra, before making off with the Heart of the Serpent, a unique jewel with magical powers.

Ruins, Caves, and Sites

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