Discovered Ruins, Caves, and Sites

Rune Keep
Location: Approx. 50 miles south of Dunharrow (Map Section D3), multiple levels and buildings

Formerly haunted, it has recently become a “tourist attraction,” with savvy merchants and mercenaries charging a modest fee to guide interested travelers to the ruins inside Lone Woods.

Maker’s Tower
Location: Approx. 10 miles north of Dunharrow (Map Section D2), four levels

Although long-abandoned by more civilized creatures, the ruins were up until recently stalked by a Grey Render – which was slain by the group (Thalin, Tracker Joe, Barry, and Sarl). The tower’s former master, now just moldy bones, was found in the basement of the tower.

School of the Nine Winds (Old Taarth Moorda)
Location: Approx. 12 miles southwest of Shroud (Map Section D4), multiple levels and buildings

Once the reclusive school for an order of monks, it has since been transformed into something resembling it’s former history. It is now presided over by Lord Wayan, a mysterious traveler who appeared to throw back a sudden incursion of hobgoblins into the valley below; as well as being in close proximity of Pip, a halfling druid inhabiting the nearby grove, it also has a standing force of about 50 men, survivors of the raids by hobgoblins, commanded by Captain Collin the former constable of Shroud. It’s been discovered that the School was once a training academy for war-magic, called Taarth Moorda – and the Phoenix Banner now flies again on the Citadel’s battlements.

Location: Approx. 10 miles west of Shroud (Map Section D4), 100ft. clearing surrounded by nine large ironwood trees

Discovered and restored to its full beauty and power by Pip the druid, it has become a centerpiece for the valley of Shroud, with flora and fauna springing into abundance throughout the area.

Temple of the Serpent God
Location: Approx. 70 miles west of Haddon Mirk, inside the Mirk swamp (Map Section B4), multiple flooded levels and buildings centered around a large ziggurat

Filled with ancient and deadly traps and seemingly revered by the lizardfolk who live in the Mirk, it was recently raided by the group (Thalin, Tracker Joe, Barry, Sarl, and John); they slew it’s guardian, a ferocious 10-headed hydra, and claimed the treasures inside – chief of which was the Heart of the Serpent; a large and powerful magical gem which the temple seemed designed to house.

Discovered Ruins, Caves, and Sites

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